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Money Maker Deluxe – Firebrush Studio

Genre: City Builder, Multiplayer, Educational
Keywords: 2D, Banking, Economy, Firebrush Studios
Information is partly quoted from Firebrush Studios and Money Maker Deluxe official website.
Money Maker Deluxe is a project founded by the Dutch indie game studio Firebrush Studios located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The game is inspired by the great crash of 2008 and the subsequent trillion dollar bailouts, which lead to many questions such as ‘what is money?’, ‘how does it work?’ and ‘how does it get created’?
Money Maker Deluxe is a city builder game from a bankers’ perspective, making it both an entertainment and a applied game. At your disposal are all of the tools a bank has. Use them to build a thriving business empire in a thriving city. Borrow, buy, trade, print and fraud your way to become the biggest and baddest loanshark in town! Or grow gradually and safely, abiding the golden standard, to withstand the toughest storms together with your community. Which it will be is up to you. What kind of banker would you be?
The player soon finds out he can lend more banknotes than he has gold in the vault. Thus earning himself a nice profit. In doing so, the player invents by himself Fractional Reserve Banking, the foundation of modern banking. As the player keeps lending out more IOU’s than he can back up with gold, he can bend the rules of the game in his advantage. Playing this way, he will invent fiat money, bailouts and hyperinflation, until his medieval goldsmith’s vault comes to resemble our modern banking system. But the player can also choose to embark on a different route, and see if it is possible to create a more sustainable banking system.
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